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How to Maximize Credit Card Rewards

When used wisely, credit cards allow you to earn major rewards. By making everyday purchases, your rewards can quickly add up over time. But, you might not be aware of how you can make the most out of your credit card rewards. Read on as we give some tips on how to maximize your credit card rewards today with one of our Best Reward Visa Credit Cards!

Find the Right Rewards for You

Depending on what kind of spending habits you have, different cards can be better suited to specific categories. You should first understand the categories where you spend the most. Start by just making a list of all your purchases in the last month.

Make note of the categories where you tend to spend the most. After analyzing your spending habits, match the card that earns you the maximum credit card rewards benefit. For example, if you spend a lot of money doing online shopping, you might check out the VISA Platinum card.

If you’re interested in building or re-establishing your credit, take a look at our Secured VISA Credit Card which could help you get on track!

Make Everyday Purchases Using Your Card

One of the most popular misunderstandings about credit cards is that they shouldn’t be used to make everyday purchases. But, as long as you pay your bills on time, it can be beneficial.

Credit cards provide you extra points on selected categories, but that doesn’t mean you don’t earn any rewards on your other purchases. You get rewarded for almost everything you purchase or pay with your credit card. So, instead of buying groceries using cash, use a credit card to earn reward points.

Jet Set With Travel Rewards

Our Visa Platinum Rewards cards allow you to rack up bonus point rewards that can be redeemed for hotel stays, car rentals, and restaurants. So, for an upcoming trip, you could potentially cash out your rewards and apply them to all or some of your travel expenses.

Add an Authorized User

If you add an authorized user to your credit card, you can double your rewards points quickly. However, choose an authorized user carefully because you are responsible for any debt they accumulate and fail to repay. Conversely, it also means that any mistake you make, like a late payment, will show up on their credit report and affect their credit score.

That said, if you're sure you can trust each other, adding an authorized user to your rewards credit card can multiply your earned points in no time at all!

Set Up Auto Payments

If you have auto payments for monthly bills, consider putting small recurring charges on your credit card. Netflix, Spotify, or your gym membership fees are a fixed amount each month, so why not put those charges onto your credit card to reap rewards points?

Pay Utility Bills

Your monthly utility bills are recurring charges that usually stay pretty consistent month to month. Since you have to keep the lights on and the heat going in the winter, why not put those expenses on your credit card to maximize rewards?

One downside, however, is that some utility companies may charge processing fees when you pay bills with a credit card. So be sure to check that in advance. But even so, paying utilities with a credit card can help build a positive credit history.

Choose Your VISA Best Reward Credit Card Today!

As long as you use credit cards responsibly and don’t borrow more than you can afford, credit cards can be a great tool to accumulate rewards.

While the world of rewards credit cards may seem intimidating, knowing how to maximize them in different ways can help you get the most out of your credit card spending. It’s almost like paying yourself back for the money you spend on the card!

All Best Reward VISA Credit Cards offer fewer fees than most competitors, affordable rates, and free mobile banking.  Click below to decide which card is best for you!

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