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Vehicle Loans

Competitive Car Loans & Auto Refinancing

Did you know that the average person will spend 4 months researching cars before making a purchase? Most of that time is spent online, using a variety of resources to find accurate information. Don’t waste time searching through a dozen different websites!

Find all that you need with our Auto Buying Center where you can locate local inventory, read reviews, view videos, compare vehicles, and get your pre-approval all in one place.

  • Find & Price Local Inventory
  • Right Fit Auto Build
  • Used Car Values
  • Refinance Calculator
  • Multi-Vehicle Comparison Tool
  • “My Cars” Save Feature
  • Free CARFAX Reports*

*Provided a CARFAX is Available Through the Dealership


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At Best Reward, you can borrow with confidence, because we'll make sure you understand the terms and conditions of your loan. You are dealing with someone you can TRUST, so whether you're looking to buy or refinance, see us first and get the financing you deserve.

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Members also enjoy loans for new and used:

  • Boats
  • RVs
  • Motorcycles
  • Mobile Homes
  • Jet Skis
  • Snowmobiles
  • ATVs & More!

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Rates & Terms


Sign Documents Wherever You Are

e-Sign powered by DocuSign® is the tool that Best Reward uses which allows us to make your loan documents accessible electronically for you to sign.* e-Sign allows members to sign loan documents using the highest levels of security and encryption.

It can be done anywhere from your Mobile Phone, iPad, Tablet, Laptop, or Desktop Computer. Easily sign your loan documents from a dealership, your home, your work, while you are traveling; anywhere with email access.

George, a member since 1973, signed his Best Reward Loan documents for his Cadillac XTS: "Signing at the dealership was easy and convenient!"

How It Works:

  1. You will receive an email containing a link to sign your documents.
  2. After clicking that link, you will enter an "Access Code" that was provided by Best Reward.
  3. Click to "Agree" to the Electronic Record and Signature Disclosure.
  4. Click "Start" to select a signature or draw your own.
  5. Sign electronically where instructed (no special software needed).
  6. Confirmation Email - You will receive an email containing a link to your completed documents.
  7. Document Retention - Print or download a copy of your documents for your records.

The next time you need a Vehicle Loan with Best Reward; enjoy the convenience of e-Sign. You will love how easy it is to sign your paperwork from anywhere with email access!

*Not all transactions qualify for e-Sign. e-Sign is available to existing members only. New members must visit a branch to verify their identity and establish their membership before utilizing this service.

0% Financing - Know the Facts

When it comes to loan rates, there are a lot of questions that a potential buyer may have. In some cases, 0% financing may sound appealing, but may not be the best option for auto financing. Cash rebates may also be available for consideration.

Getting pre-approved for a loan can be a great way to determine if 0% financing may be right for you. A qualified loan officer from Best Reward Federal Credit Union can determine the amount you may qualify for.

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Annual Percentage Rate For Auto Loans

Remember, an auto loan's interest rate is the cost you pay each year to borrow money expressed as a percentage. The interest rate does not include fees charged for the loan. The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is the cost you pay each year to borrow money (including fees) expressed as a percentage. Make sure you compare lender APR's (not interest rates) so you know the true cost of the loan.

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Buying vs. Leasing

In terms of buying versus leasing, each has its advantages and disadvantages. If you are interested in saving money, buying a vehicle can be more economical. If you are looking to trade in a car for a newer model every few years, leasing is a great option.
It is always recommended that you fully examine your needs, preferences, and lifestyle to determine what is best for you.

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Rates & Terms

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APR = Annual Percentage Rate

Rates and terms are subject to change without notice. The fixed rate and term of loan will be determined by the credit qualifications and loan-to-value (LTV). Other rate discounts may apply. Terms from 24 months to 72 months available. High value Vehicles, Boats, and RVs may qualify for a longer term. Other conditions and restrictions may apply.


Auto Loan Financed Elsewhere?

Do you already have an auto loan financed through a different lender? Talk to a Best Reward Federal Credit Union loan officer and they will review your current financing. Our loan officers use a trusted auto loan calculator process to determine what your car payments would be if you refinanced with us.

We want to make sure you are getting the best possible deal on your car loan. We can review your credit history, the life of your loan, and your credit score to determine if we can get you a better rate for your vehicle.

Use our Refinance Calculator to see for yourself!

Refinance Calculator

Obtain An Auto Loan With Best Reward Federal Credit Union Today

When you think about buying a new vehicle, Best Reward Federal Credit Union should always come to mind. We are committed to offering quality products and services to our members. Loan officers are dedicated to helping you get the best rates and guiding you towards sound decisions throughout your auto buying experience.

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