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Other Services

VISA® Gift Cards

  • Available in dollar amounts from $25 to $500.
  • Can be used at any merchant that accepts VISA, including mail order and online.
  • Safer than cash and easy to replace if lost or stolen.
  • Check available balance and transaction history online or by phone.
  • Only $4.00 per Gift Card*

*Gift cards are not re-loadable, cannot be used at an ATM, and do not offer cash back at merchants.



Money Orders

  • Dollar Amounts Up to $3,000
  • Short Term Solution When Out of Personal Checks
  • Only $1.00 per Money Order*

*Members Age 60 and Older Receive One FREE Money Order per Day.

Official Checks

  • Unlimited Dollar Amount
  • FREE When Payable to Account Owners
  • Only $3.00 per Check When Payable to Parties Other Than Account Owner



Notary/Guarantee Service

  • Members have access to free notary service at any branch location.
  • Call ahead to verify notary availability.
  • Bring a Valid Photo ID*
  • Sign the Document in the Presence of our Notary Public.

* Driver’s License, State ID Card or Passport (Current and Valid)

Wire Transfer Service

Members may visit any Best Reward office to wire money quickly and easily.  If you can't make it into a branch, feel free to complete the necessary wire form and fax it to us!*

Domestic Wire International Wire

*A wire transfer outgoing domestic is $15.00 each and a wire transfer outgoing international is $35.00 each.