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No Paper, No Clutter, No Kidding!

If you’re looking to decrease the amount of paper in your life while staying on top of your account, you’ll want to sign up for FREE e-Statements. Your electronic statement is available much sooner than a mailed paper statement, eliminates the concern over lost or stolen mail, and reduces clutter by storing statements in a paperless format.

  • Email Notification the Minute Your Statement is Available
  • Secure Access to Your Statement Anytime at No Cost
  • Up to 12 Months of Statements Whenever You Need Them
  • Free Check Images Available

Statement Fee Per Mailed Statement is $1.00 (e-Statements are FREE).

Save Time! Enroll for e-Statements

Click below to become a registered Best Reward Online user first then;

  1. Login to Best Reward Online
  2. Click on eStatements ONCE (below e-Notices)
  3. This Automotically Enrolls You

It's that easy and completely FREE!

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