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Overdraft Protection

While most members never overdraw their account, sometimes the unexpected happens.  Best Reward Federal Credit Union covers your overdrafts in two different ways:

Share Savings Transfer

When an overdraft occurs, available funds in your Regular Share Savings are assessed first to cover the shortage.  Best Reward offers this service automatically and completely FREE to its members! 

Courtesy Pay

Courtesy Pay is utilized when the amount is not available in your Regular Share Savings.  This service is offered automatically within 90 days of the Share Draft Checking opening date to qualified members up to a limit determined by the credit union.

Please Note: Best Reward requires you to opt-in to cover overdrafts on ATM/Debit Card transactions; otherwise these transactions will NOT be covered under this protection. (Available via Part 2 on Application Below)

Opt-In for ATM/Debit Card Transactions

With Courtesy Pay, you can rest assured that your transactions will be covered.  You may opt-out of this service at anytime and best of all - you only pay for it when you use it!