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How to Download Our Mobile Banking App

Downloading our Mobile Banking App is simple! Here's what to do:

  1. Log into Best Reward Online.
  2. Click on the Self Service Tab
  3. Select Mobile Banking.
  4. Once the disclosure has been accepted, you may add your mobile phone, select account alert settings, and view Mobile Banking FAQs.
  5. Then you may download our Mobile Banking App below.


Mobile Deposit (Remote Deposit Capture)

Save time when you deposit a check/draft using your mobile device.


Manage Your Debit Card

Manage your Debit Card and enjoy greater protection and control.


Sign Documents Wherever You Are

Our e-Sign service means you don't need to visit a branch or office.


Alliance One® ATM Locator Mobile App

Use enhanced search, view, and bookmarking features.


MoneyPass® ATM Locator Mobile App

Maps and filters help you find your nearest ATM at any time.


CURewards® Mobile App

Track your points on purchases, find offerings, and redeem rewards.



Easily Manage Your Account

View account balances, e-Statements, transaction history, and much more – anytime, anywhere.

Use Mobile Deposit* and Bill Pay

Use your device to deposit Checks or Drafts and set up one-time or recurring bill payments.

Manage Your Debit Card

Control your spending and keep your account secure by monitoring your card activity from anywhere, at any time.

*Terms and Conditions Apply.


Mobile Deposit (Remote Deposit Capture)

Mobile Deposit allows you to deposit Drafts or Checks into your credit union accounts without visiting a branch or ATM.

  • You can use this service from anywhere using your supported smartphone or iPad.
  • Apple devices need to run iOS 14 or newer and Androids need to run OS9 or newer.
  • The camera needs to have a minimum of two megapixels with auto-focus.

Enroll Now   Mobile Deposit Application

Click here to see Mobile Deposit FAQs.

A person using mobile deposit to deposit a check on her credit union account


A man managing his Debit Card using a mobile banking app.

Manage Your Debit Card

Manage your Debit Card and enjoy greater protection and control. Our Mobile Banking App Allows You to:

  • Have Real-Time Control of Your Debit Card
  • Turn your Debit Card on and off.
  • Establish transaction controls for dollar amount limits, merchant categories, and geographic locations.
  • Receive alerts when your Debit Card is used, approved, or exceeds the controls set by you.
  • Receive fraud alerts on attempted and declined transactions.
  • Get real-time balances on your account.
  • And More!

Download our FREE Mobile Banking App Today!


Sign Documents Wherever You Are

Powered by DocuSign®, e-Sign is the tool that Best Reward uses to make your loan documents accessible electronically for you to sign.*

  • e-Sign allows members to sign loan documents using the highest levels of security and encryption.
  • It can be done anywhere from your mobile phone, iPad, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.
  • Easily sign your loan documents from a dealership, your home, work, while you're traveling, or anywhere with email access.
A woman signing loan documents from her home using DocuSign®.


Alliance One® ATM Locator logo.

Alliance One® ATM Locator Mobile App

This handy app offers a range of tools to help you find the best ATM for your needs:

  • Search for an ATM by address or geo-location and choose a search radius.
  • Features multiple views: list or map view, which links you to driving directions (map and directions provided by Google Maps).
  • Includes a bookmarking tool, so you can keep your favorite ATM locations together in one list.
  • Provides important ATM data for each location, such as if the ATM accepts deposits or if it's affiliated with Cirrus or Plus..

Download our FREE Alliance One® ATM Locator Mobile App Today!


MoneyPass® ATM Locator Mobile App

Enjoy these benefits next time you're looking for an ATM:

  • Display a map of MoneyPass ATMs near your current location.
  • Search other locations by entering an address or zip code.
  • Use filters to find ATMs with 24/7 availability, handicap accessibility, deposit-sharing functionality, and more.

Download our FREE MoneyPass® ATM Locator Mobile App Today!

MoneyPass® ATM Locator logo.


CURewards Logo.

CURewards® Mobile App

If you love to collect points on your purchases, this is the app for you:

  • Access merchant offerings while you shop.
  • Mark your favorite local merchants and track their offers.
  • Search for rewards and offerings.
  • Redeem points for merchandise and hotel accommodation.
  • Update your Member Profile.
  • Contact Award Headquarters or Member Services.

Download our FREE CURewards® Mobile App Today!


How to Enroll in Best Reward Mobile Banking Services




Log in to Online Banking

Find the Self-Service tab and click on it.



Select Mobile Banking

Accept the disclosure and add your phone number.



Select Account Alert

View the FAQs, then download the app!

Enroll Now


"I wish I could give more than 5 stars. This credit union has helped us with all of our banking/loan needs since 2011. The staff is excellent and I can't say anything bad about them." Rachel.
"Signing at the dealership was easy and convenient!" George. - a member since 1973, signed his Best Reward Loan documents for his Cadillac XTS.


Mobile Banking FAQ

What types of mobile banking services does Best Reward offer?

What services do I need to enable on my phone before I can use the Mobile Banking App?

How does e-Sign work?

What are the requirements for Mobile Reposit or Remote Deposit Capture?

Are there any account exclusions?

Are there any fees to use Mobile Deposit?

What do you mean when you say “you may be charged for services by your wireless carrier?”

What mobile devices are supported with Mobile Deposit?

How do I enroll for Mobile Deposit?

How do I use Mobile Deposit?

How should I endorse the Draft/Check?

When will my deposit be available?

What should I do with my paper Draft/Check?

What are the status definitions of my Mobile Deposit?

Why is the Draft/Check image not being accepted?

What items cannot be deposited?

Who should I contact if I encounter any issues regarding my remote deposit?


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