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Mobile Deposit Application

Personal Information

Requirements for Mobile Deposit

  • At least 18 years of age or older.
  • A Best Reward account open and in good standing with e-Statement enrollment.*
  • Mobile devices (SmartPhones or iPad) must have a minimum two mega-pixel camera with auto-focus.
  • Drafts/Checks must be placed flat in a well-lit area with a solid background when taking the picture/image.
  • Ensure that all corners of the Draft/Check can be seen and that there are no shadows.
  • Limit of One Draft/Check per Deposit
  • Maximum Dollar Amount per Item: $3,000
  • Maximum Dollar Amount per Deposit: $3,000
  • Maximum Dollar Amount per Day: $3,000

*Availability of this service to any member is subject to review by Best Reward Federal Credit Union at anytime.

The credit union reserves the right to reject any item transmitted through this service at its discretion. If your deposit is rejected, the status of your deposit will appear in the Remote Deposit History as FAILED. Please see the Mobile Deposit FAQ’s for further information on status definitions. The credit union reserves the right to modify the limits on the amount and/or number of deposits you transmit using this service. Please contact the credit union for higher limits. You may be denied access to the service for violations of the agreement (Terms & Conditions) or other serious account issues; which are determined by the credit union’s sole discretion. This application includes by reference the Credit Union’s MEMBERSHIP AND ACCOUNT AGREEMENT governing ALL accounts with the Credit Union.

AUTHORIZATION TO OBTAIN AND VERIFY INFORMATION: By signing this application, I certify that the information provided is true and hereby grant the Credit Union authorization to obtain and evaluate any security, credit, and payment information they deem necessary to evaluate myself for security risk or creditworthiness, and based on their findings, approve or disapprove this application for Mobile Deposit.

APPLICABLE SERVICE: This Mobile Deposit product will support the following devices: iPhone* 5 Models with iOS 6.0 Version or Newer, iPad* 3, 4, 5 (Air), Mini, Mini 2 Models with iOS 5.0.1 Version or Newer, Android* Phone OS with Version 2.3 or Newer. All devices listed above require a minimum two mega-pixel camera with auto-focus.

FEES: There is no fee for this service using our Mobile Application; however based upon wireless network availability you may be charged for services by your wireless carrier. The Credit Union reserves the right to implement a Service Fee at any time by providing the Applicant with Thirty (30) Days prior notice and the option to accept the FEE or terminate the service.

Finishing Up

Please select the location you want this application directed to.

Mobile Deposit Terms & Conditions

CLICK HERE to view the Terms & Conditions

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