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Fraud Alert: Text Message & Phone Call Scams

This is a reminder that Best Reward will never text or call you to request personal or financial information; including, but not limited to:

  • Online Banking Login and/or Passwords
  • Account Numbers
  • Debit or Credit Card Information
  • Other Personal Identifying Information

Please remain alert and do NOT provide this sensitive information. Best Reward MAY contact you by phone to verify changes or activity on your account. BUT if you receive a text or call asking for your personal information OR requesting/demanding you to wire, transfer, or otherwise provide monetary funds - HANG UP immediately, call a Best Reward Branch to notify a Manager, and report it HERE.


  • Stay Alert! Do not answer calls from unknown numbers.
  • If you receive a suspicious call, hang up. Always call the source directly to verify.
  • Never share your Online Banking login credentials.
  • Be sure you're enrolled in Online Banking and Mobile Banking to monitor accounts.
  • For additional security, sign-up for Account Alerts to be notified of any account activity.
  • Alert us immediately if you have provided personal or financial information.