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Time to Turn in Your Lease?

Time to Turn in Your Lease?

If your vehicle is leased and nearing its time to turn in, you may be surprised at how costly and difficult it will be to find a replacement.

  • Parts Needed to Build Vehicles are in Short Supply
  • Production Lines are Slow and Some are Shut Down
  • There is a Very Low Inventory of New or Used Vehicles on the Market
  • Prices of New and Used Vehicles are Much Higher as a Result

However, there is some good news!

  • Your lease probably has a provision allowing you to buy your leased vehicle at turn-in time for a price that was fixed when you started the lease.
  • That buyout price is much lower than what it would cost today to buy a similar vehicle in the marketplace.
  • We have seen buyout prices that are 50% to 70% of what the vehicle would normally cost in today's marketplace.
  • The lease company wants you to turn-in your vehicle so they can sell it at a marketplace price and make a big profit.

If you are satisfied with the condition and performance of your leased vehicle, don’t turn it in and pay a high price for a replacement. We can help you buyout your lease at a really low interest rate. Contact a loan officer today to discuss your leasing buyout options!

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