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Make the Most of Your Membership

Make the Most of Your Membership

1. Open Your Share Draft Checking Account

There are no minimum balance requirements or monthly service fees; just a simple account that allows you to manage your funds and pay your bills with ease and convenience.

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2. Apply for Your MasterCard® Debit Card

A safe and convenient alternative to writing checks or carrying cash. Simply present your MasterCard® Debit Card and the amount of the purchase is deducted from your Share Draft Checking Account. It is accepted at millions of locations worldwide and you can use your Debit Card at the ATM to withdraw cash as well.

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3. Set Up Direct Deposit

Deposit your entire paycheck (Direct Deposit) or a portion of each paycheck (Payroll Deduction) into your Best Reward account. PLUS, receive a .25% loan rate discount when your loan payments are paid this way.

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4. Enroll for Online Banking & Mobile Banking

Monitor your accounts by logging in from your computer or laptop. Mobile Banking allows you to do the same via your mobile phone or tablet. Quickly access accounts, order checks, pay bills, transfer funds, track spending, and more – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Download our FREE Mobile Banking App today via the Apple App Store or Google Play!

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5. Set Up Account Alerts

Account alerts notify you via email or text of certain activity; such as your balance is running low in your account which can help you avoid an unintentional overdraft. They can also alert you to potential fraud or identity theft before it becomes a huge problem. Make sure we have an up-to date mobile phone number and email address for you. Account Alerts can be set up via Best Reward Online or our Mobile Banking App.

6. Enroll for e-Statements

e-Statements are electronic copies of your account statements that you can view, save, and print anytime at your convenience. They are available sooner than a mailed paper statement, reduce clutter, improve your security, and are completely FREE. e-Statements can be set up via Best Reward Online or our Mobile Banking App.

7. Avoid Overdraft Fees

You’re charged an overdraft fee when you spend more money than you have in your account. Avoid these fees by enrolling in account alerts covered in Number 5. When an overdraft does occur, available funds in your Regular Savings are assessed first to cover that shortage, automatically and completely FREE before the Courtesy Pay is assessed. 

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8. Join our Mailing List

Join our mailing list to receive our electronic newsletter and you'll be the first to receive time sensitive fraud alerts, the latest offers on loans and deposits, our holiday hours, financial tips, and more. We work hard to earn your trust, which is why we will never share your email address.

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