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Annual Meeting Details

Annual Meeting Details

The effects of COVID-19 along with recommendations by the Governor of Ohio and the Ohio Department of Health caused us to postpone the March 22, 2020 Annual Meeting. Best Reward Federal Credit Union is required to conduct an Annual Meeting so the rescheduled Annual Meeting was a Business Only Virtual (by Phone) Meeting held on April 29, 2020 at 3:00 PM. Thank you to those that attended. For those that were unable to attend, here are the details from that meeting:

The terms of office of two Directors; Louis L. Pastor and Thomas W. Zmrazek expired at this 2020 Annual Meeting.  Both Directors provided the Nominating Committee with written confirmation of their qualifications to serve and that they desired to be nominated for election; therefore Louis L. Pastor and Thomas W. Zmrazek were elected by acclamation.

In a reorganization meeting following the Annual Meeting, the Best Reward Federal Credit Union Board of Directors elected its officers as follows:

  • Chairman of the Board, Norman L. Alford
  • Vice Chairman, Thomas Merritt, Jr.
  • Treasurer, Louis L. Pastor
  • Secretary, James A. Jackson, III
  • Remaining Board Members: Steve J. Kadusky, Membership Officer, Franklyn M. Adamec, Director, Thomas W. Zmrazek, Director
  • Supervisory Audit Committee: Richard D. Kistemaker, Chairman, Jack S. Federan, Secretary, and Franklyn M. Adamec, Member
  • Building Security Overseer, Stanley D. Dykes

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We hope to revert back to our traditional Annual Meeting next year.

You may contact our CEO (John J. Shirilla) at if you have questions or would like a copy of this report e-mailed to you.