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Popmoney® (Personal Payment Service)

With Popmoney, you can electronically “pay other people” sending money to – and receiving money from – friends, family, or acquaintances, quickly and easily.  All you need is the recipient’s email address or mobile phone number!*

Sending and Receiving Personal Payments is Easy:

  • Payments are completed electronically and securely.
  • Transactions post in as little as one business day.
  • Private information is kept confidential—the recipient only receives the time/date that your deposit was processed.
  • You can make a payment anytime, anywhere from Best Reward Online or Mobile Banking.
  • Payments are made directly from your Best Reward Share Draft Checking Account.

It's Easy to Get Started:

  1. Sign into Best Reward Online
  2. Select the “Bill Pay" Tab - If not enrolled in our Bill Pay Service, follow the enrollment instructions.
  3. Click the "Popmoney" Tab
  4. Follow the Instructions to Send/Receive a Payment
  5. You're Done!

Complete a few easy, guided steps to send or receive a payment, add contacts, or view your payment history.

See How it Works

*Terms and Conditions Apply